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Clearwave is a diverse IT service provider with years of expertise in a variety of technological methods. We bring clients the best of both worlds in saving them both time and valuable resources. Clearwave believes in not only bringing technology to the marketplace but streamlining your processes to make your business more effective.

Clearwave’s strongest advantage is its excellent understanding of technology and how to implement processes into your business that are cost effective. We believe in our clients and because of our strong work ethic we are able to be proactive in identifying our clients needs.

Clearwave delivers a full range of products including, IT Solutions, Business Process Management, Consulting and our Affinity Solutions. Our aim as a company is to deliver a service to our clients that is tailor made to meet their individual needs because every business is unique and highly complex. With this in mind, we have developed expertise at managing the long-term and ongoing solutions that our clients require.

As a company we have one primary objective, to deliver expertise and high quality solutions to our clients at optimal costs. By understanding the needs of our clients and adopting the appropriate technologies, we know that our system will bring success to our clients. Through our technological processes, understanding of client needs, financial transparency and good enterprise practices, Clearwave’s clients receive the benefits of our expert staff and proven IT solutions. We believe businesses are unique and therefore Clearwave’s commitment, expertise and client-focused ethos are able to bring innovative solutions to our clients.

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