What are Affinity Devices?

Business ready compatible computers, tablets and devices that provide secure, reliable tools for your business.

Using Affinity Devices in conjunction with Affinity Desktop and Affinity Broadband your business systems will synchronize together providing a seamless end to end user experience.

Clearwave tests and provides compatible and durable devices which stand up with demands of your business.


What Affinity Devices do

Affinity devices are all compatible allowing you and your colleagues the flexibility of working from anywhere with an internet connection. In a changing business world, being connected has never been more important.

The Benefits

Using Affinity Devices saves you the cost of buying standard computers and allows you to connect from any tablet, smartphone or PC available on the market. This gives your company the flexibility it needs in the competitive business market. This allows your company to succeed and develop.

Saves You Time

Using our Affinity Devices saves you the time looking for a device solution for your company. We understand your needs and have done extensive tests on all our products. Giving you a complete solution for your business.


Affinity Devices are affordable and good value for money. In conjunction with our Affinity Desktop our devices will save your company valuable resources and time.

Quick Connection

We understand your business needs of having lighting fast connections. Our Affinity Devices are of a high specification so that you will not be left lagging behind the competition.

Fully Tested

Our Affinity Devices are fully compatible and fully tested before being sent to our clients. This ensures that all Affinity Devices are 100% reliable, stable and ready for our clients to use immediately. This is beneficial to our clients as it saves you time and gives you peace of mind when using any Affinity Devices.

Match Your Business

As your business expands and grows our Affinity Devices can grow with you. Since our devices are reliable, fast and affordable you will be able to rely on our devices for your growing business.



We believe in providing knowledgeable and immediate support in the event of a problem. We are available to answer your questions and make your enquires our highest priority. We can fix the majority of your issues remotely which means a fix within minutes.

Clearwave tests and provides compatible and durable devices giving you the tools to develop and drive your business forward.

By testing every one of our products and supplying only those that  stand up to the demands of  business Clearwave is a leader in IT solutions.

Affinity Thin Client Solution

Our Affinity Thin Client gives you a more cost effective solution to your company’s needs.  A Thin Client, when activated connects directly to the Affinity Desktop Service, encouraging your company to simplify its business approach.

Affinity Thin Client can be used to create virtual and session-based desktop experiences from many remote desktop capable operating systems. The Affinity Thin Client offers a rich computing experience where applications look, feel, and behave as local devices, including high-definition multimedia content.


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