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Smarter IT solutions that saves you time,
improves business performance and removes IT frustrations with one point of contact.

Why choose IT services from Clearwave?

Technology is key in the driving of most businesses. It brings opportunities to cut business costs and improves the service that you can offer in your business. However IT is getting more complex, and it’s hard to keep up with the skills and knowledge you need to deliver to your clients. That’s where we can help.

We take time to understand your business needs so that we can have a clear perspective into your IT needs.

We are experts in our field but we also believe in speaking the language that makes technology simple and easy to use.

We deliver efficient time saving solutions that remain focused on being simple, effective and truly aligned with your business needs.

Discover IT Solutions

Managing multiple IT suppliers can be very time consuming and complicated. At Clearwave we understand that having one supplier for all your IT needs can be beneficial for you and your company. We have built a Total Affinity solution which solves your IT issues and brings you peace of mind so that your business can be more productive and profitable.

Watch our short animated video for an overview of our capabilities and the benefits of working with Clearwave.

About our Total Affinity products

Total Affinity is an IT solution that has been developed for businesses by our qualified IT specialists. Using Clearwave as your IT partner will help to manage the costs associated with technology, resources and devices. Total Affinity  is created personally for your business needs, allowing you to spend more time running your company, rather than having to deal with recurring IT tasks personally.

The core benefit of Total Affinity is the ability to solve any problem with one phone call.  Total Affinity is committed to saving you time and resources and reduce frustration when you need a “fast solution” to your IT problems.

No problem is too big or small for our dedicated and professional staff to handle.  This gives you the reassurance and confidence to continue to build your business.

Affinity Desktop
Managed IT Solutions

Affinity Desktop saves you time & allows you to access your files, emails and apps securely anywhere in the world at anytime.

Affinity Broadband
Reliable Connection

Affinity Broadband is a fast, stable and reliable business broadband service that will help your business be more productive.

Affinity Devices
Secure Peripherals

Affinity Devices has your business in mind. Affinity provides affordable, reliable and secure tools for your company.

Affinity Netcall
Affordable Calls

Affinity Netcall allows your business to communicate affordably, clearly and effectively at any time, anywhere in the world.

Proactive Services
Enterprise IT Solutions

Our Total Affinty products are your solution to your business. Total Affinity is designed to perfectly meet your IT needs. Our managed services encompass Affinity Desktop, Affinity Broadband, Affinity Devices and Affinity Netcall. We believe that our IT system will be the last and only solution giving you the freedom and time to run your business.

Smarter IT Solutions
Affinity Services

Our business is built on the premise of understanding your business and IT needs. We have put together professional solutions that help you stay focused on what is important; “Your Business”. We recognise that it is imperative that our business approach creates high standards ensuring that your business has more time to be effective in the marketplace and has more resources to keep pushing your business forward.

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