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The Benefits of Web Filtering software

Web Filtering for SME's

Many current cyber threats are from newly infected websites and current estimates are that 19,000 websites are newly infected each day. That's a lot of infection!!

In the current fast pace of business keeping your computer network secure is a constant challenge and with the Internet being used every day and more than 1 billion websites accessed every day the risk of losing sensitive data is real.

As a business owner not only are you are responsible for ensuring you have appropriate antivirus protection but you are also responsible for what comes into your business including what comes from the internet. Our managed Web filtering scans the pages of a website to check for content against known malicious criteria prior to it being accessed. If malicious criteria is found the web page is not displayed.

In our opinion there are two main benefits for Web Filtering; the first is improved network security and the second is improved employee productivity. With web filtering if an employee clicks on an infected link from an email or even from a website the web page is prevented from loading. With the advent of social media such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and others employees can lose productive time every day or worse access inappropriate content.

Better not to let it happen in the first place. It's so easy and for only a few pounds a month you'll know your computer system is safe. E-mail us or ring 01904 409940 today..



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