What is Affinity Netcall?

Affinity Netcall allows you to communicate effectively at any time, anywhere in the world using the power of the internet.

Affinity Netcall allows you to keep and use your existing telephone numbers and provides clear, secure communication. Affinity Netcall links to your mobile and allows you to hold voice conference calls from your computer while talking to colleagues with instant messages.

With Affinity Netcall  you have the flexibility to compete in the worldwide global market, giving you freedom in your business.


What Affinity Netcall does

Our system allows you to contact colleagues whether they work from a separate location, office or home free of charge. Affinity Netcall looks, feels and acts like the telephones and reception switchboards you use today.

Affinity Netcall has added features such as linking to your mobile and allowing you to hold voice conference calls from your computer whilst talking to colleagues with instant messages. Additionally it provides you with the facility to leave and collect recorded messages

The Benefits

Using Affinity Netcall phone charges made with our devices become a thing of the past. This includes calls made or received from any internet connection, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In changing to Affinity Netcall your current phone numbers remain the same, taking away stress and inconvenience. 

Through Affinity Netcall you can enjoy constant national and international communication contact without any extra monthly financial commitment to your business.

Works Anywhere

Affinity Netcall frees you to communicate anytime, in any location, anywhere in the world using the power of the internet.  With Affinity Netcall you are no longer limited to traditional telephone communication. Affinity Netcall offers you a service beating any other competition.

Call Diversion

Never miss a call with Affinity Netcall. With our call diversion smart technology you can be reassured that your important business calls will not be missed. This is important for your business and gives you the ability to communicate with your clients effectively.

Multiple Devices

Affinity Netcall can be used with a broad spectrum of devices. Affinity Netcall can be used with your standard telephone, business phone, computer, mobile phone, iPad and more. This gives you the choice to use devices you know work best for your business.

Free Calls

The Affinity Netcall solution is the ultimate phone system giving small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) advanced telephone perks. These perks include low cost and free calls saving your business money.


Affinity Netcall can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and CRM applications such as Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and NetSuite. You can use Affinity Netcall via iPad, iPhone or android handset.



We believe in providing knowledgeable and immediate support in the event of a problem. We are available to answer your questions and make your enquires our highest priority.

Today’s businesses move continuously between different modes of communication: phone, email, text messaging, and more. Affinity Netcall supports unified communications and seamless integration between all of your different channels and the devices. It’s a phone system, but perhaps not as you know it.

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